3 Tips to a Stress-free Elopement

1. Do it your way.

Make the day exactly what you and your fiancé want your day to be. So many people think they have to “do” things a certain way when eloping but the reality is, the day is whatever YOU want it to be. 

2. Be spontaneous.

You don’t have to have every waking minute of the day planned out. You can go with the flow and do things in the moment. It might end up raining at the moment you had planned to say your vows. Maybe you’ll choose to read your vows in the rain and embrace it or take the time to enjoy that fresh rain smell. Maybe you stop at your favorite donut shop and grab some donuts. What better way to create genuine memories on your day! 

3. Pick a location you love!

This doesn’t have to be at the top of a mountain. It can be at the park you had your first date at or by the pond where you first said “I love you”. Or maybe it is at the top of a mountain you have been dying to hike. Wherever you choose, it is completely up to you! 

Why You Should Write Your Own Vows

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intimate vow renewal

It is Intimate.

Writing your own vows makes it personal and really unique to your relationship. These are the promises you will make to each other and stand by for the rest of your life together. Writing these vows in your own words makes things so much more meaningful to your significant other.

It is so much less boring.

Let’s be honest, we have all been to a wedding ( or two) where the ceremony is so rehearsed that even the bride and groom seem to just be going through the motions. Your vows can really show your personality whether you choose to add some humor or romance. It is 100% yours to decide!

It’s a way to connect on your wedding day

What a better way to really make a connection than through your vows to each other. You will literally be pouring your heart out to them and they will open their heart completely and totally to you as well.

If you need inspiration on what to include when writing your own vows, head over to my instagram and let me know you want me to write a blog on that too!

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Cleveland, Ohio Styled Shoot

Crazy about color and need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered! A bright and nontraditional wedding venue, loads of florals, mismatched depression glassware, wall murals, and a gorgeous cake come together to give you SO much to love. We kept this shoot a bit more reserved but if you want even more color head over to my pinterest board for even more ideas! 

This past weekend, I hosted an amazing styled shoot with one of my good friends and fellow photographers, Olivia with OZ Photography. We had the opportunity to work with some amazing wedding vendors from all over North East Ohio as well as a gorgeous, super in love couple.

We put this shoot together so that we could showcase some of these vendors services and products.

Custom made tables and benches, diamond arch and LOVE sign: Vicar’s Built Rentals

Plum Sage Daiquiri Craft Cocktails: Happy Camper Bar Car

Day of Coordinator: Something Pink Weddings

Gorgeous Custom Dresses: A Bride’s Design

Beautiful invitation suite, table numbers and name cards: Paper Trails of Rocky River

Venue: Red Space Events Center

Florals: Mercedes Floral Design

Hair: Taylor Vobornik

Makeup: Kara Altman

Cake: Canal Cereja no Topo

Jewelry: Sheiban Jewelers

Romantic Engagement Shoot in Northeast Ohio

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How to have the best engagement shoot!

I have couples constantly reaching out saying things like “we are so awkward” and “we don’t know how to take photos together”. I love when clients say this because we all feel this way going into a shoot but I love to show them that they are not awkward at all. Here are a few of my top tips for having the best engagement shoot!

1. Wear something you are comfortable in

I always encourage my couples to pick out one outfit that is very “you”. It is so important that you feel comfortable and confident. You want to feel like yourselves in your photos! If you are wearing something uncomfortable you will spend the day adjusting and worrying about how you look. I want you to enjoy your session and enjoy each other, not spend your time fretting over your outfit!

I always recommend that my couples bring two outfits to their session: a dressy outfit – think long flowing dresses for her and a nice button down for him as well as a second casual look – like a cozy sweaters and jeans.

You can check out my style guide here for some ideas!

2. Clean your ring!

You want that diamond to sparkle! Make sure you clean your ring since your photographer will most likely be getting close ups. and let’s be honest who doesn’t like their ring looking extra fresh?

3. Make a day out of it

Plan out your day so that you don’t feel rushed. Get food at your favorite restaurant before your shoot. Enjoy time with each other and start connecting with each other before you get in front of the camera.

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If you do not know your significant other’s Love language, I highly recommend taking the quiz to find out! It is so important to know how to communicate your love to each other in a way that it is understood and appreciated.

If you don’t know what the love languages are here is a brief overview:

  • Words of affirmation – these individuals are most comfortable speaking and hearing verbal words to communicate love. These affirmations are usually in the form of compliments or praise. For example, try thanking them for cleaning the kitchen or taking out the trash.
  • Acts of service – this love language involves performing tangible tasks for your loved one, like preparing meals or taking care of the car.
  • Receiving gifts – if your love language is receiving gifts, you express your love by giving people thoughtful presents, and expect them to do the same. These individuals don’t need large expensive gifts, they can be a small item you saw that you thought they might like or even something you made for them.
  • Quality time – these individuals need to spend one-on-one, intimate time with their loved one to feel loved. This means a lot more than just sitting at home watching TV: it involves real face to face, meaningful interaction.
  • Physical touch – individuals whose love language is physical touch need to feel like they’re in contact with their loved one. They might need to hold hands and be more physically affectionate to feel and express love.

Whatever your partner’s love language happens to be, what’s most important is that you learn to show your love in the way that they need it.

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