3 Tips to a Stress-free Elopement

January 7, 2022

Your Wedding Day

3 Tips to a Stress-free Elopement

1. Do it your way.

Make the day exactly what you and your fiancé want your day to be. So many people think they have to “do” things a certain way when eloping but the reality is, the day is whatever YOU want it to be. 

2. Be spontaneous.

You don’t have to have every waking minute of the day planned out. You can go with the flow and do things in the moment. It might end up raining at the moment you had planned to say your vows. Maybe you’ll choose to read your vows in the rain and embrace it or take the time to enjoy that fresh rain smell. Maybe you stop at your favorite donut shop and grab some donuts. What better way to create genuine memories on your day! 

3. Pick a location you love!

This doesn’t have to be at the top of a mountain. It can be at the park you had your first date at or by the pond where you first said “I love you”. Or maybe it is at the top of a mountain you have been dying to hike. Wherever you choose, it is completely up to you! 

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