How to have the best engagement shoot

January 7, 2022

Tips for Your Shoot

I have couples constantly reaching out saying things like “we are so awkward” and “we don’t know how to take photos together”. I love when clients say this because we all feel this way going into a shoot but I love to show them that they are not awkward at all. Here are a few of my top tips for having the best engagement shoot!

1. Wear something you are comfortable in

I always encourage my couples to pick out one outfit that is very “you”. It is so important that you feel comfortable and confident. You want to feel like yourselves in your photos! If you are wearing something uncomfortable you will spend the day adjusting and worrying about how you look. I want you to enjoy your session and enjoy each other, not spend your time fretting over your outfit!

I always recommend that my couples bring two outfits to their session: a dressy outfit – think long flowing dresses for her and a nice button down for him as well as a second casual look – like a cozy sweaters and jeans.

You can check out my style guide here for some ideas!

2. Clean your ring!

You want that diamond to sparkle! Make sure you clean your ring since your photographer will most likely be getting close ups. and let’s be honest who doesn’t like their ring looking extra fresh?

3. Make a day out of it

Plan out your day so that you don’t feel rushed. Get food at your favorite restaurant before your shoot. Enjoy time with each other and start connecting with each other before you get in front of the camera.

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