Why You Should Write Your Own Vows

January 7, 2022

Your Wedding Day

Arizona intimate wedding
intimate vow renewal

It is Intimate.

Writing your own vows makes it personal and really unique to your relationship. These are the promises you will make to each other and stand by for the rest of your life together. Writing these vows in your own words makes things so much more meaningful to your significant other.

It is so much less boring.

Let’s be honest, we have all been to a wedding ( or two) where the ceremony is so rehearsed that even the bride and groom seem to just be going through the motions. Your vows can really show your personality whether you choose to add some humor or romance. It is 100% yours to decide!

It’s a way to connect on your wedding day

What a better way to really make a connection than through your vows to each other. You will literally be pouring your heart out to them and they will open their heart completely and totally to you as well.

If you need inspiration on what to include when writing your own vows, head over to my instagram and let me know you want me to write a blog on that too!

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