About Me

Hey hey!! I’m Amanda, the face behind the camera. I am a born and raised Ohio native who loves coffee, travel, sunshine, and capturing those in between moments! In high school I was that girl with the Nikon Coolpix grabbing shots of friends. I have always loved capturing candid moments and I am so glad I decided to turn my passion into my career! Not only do I capture elopements and weddings, but I have also found my passion in empowering women through boudoir.  

When I am not capturing love stories, you can find me brewery hopping with my husband and our pup or  planning our next adventure. I am so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to meet you! Come check out just a few of the stories I have had the honor of capturing!

Hi, I'm Amanda

We will be a perfect fit if

1. You’re laid back and crazy for each other but photos mean the world to you and you appreciate candid moments. 

2. The most important thing about your day is you and your partner and the love you share for each other and the rest is just a perk. 

3. You’re rule breakers and you aren’t afraid to do something new and exciting on your big day. 

4. You want to involve your dog. Okay this is totally not necessary but a super big plus 😉

5. You are ready to have the time of your life on your wedding day! 

Bride Holding Bouquet during sunset golden hour Claridon Woodlands Weddding - Bridal Portraits

Love! Love! Love! Can't say enough great things about Amanda and her work! She is flexible, friendly, and receptive of what we wanted in our photos. She photographed our wedding on 11/12/21 and I had sneak peeks in my email before we even left the venue! I'm obsessed with all the pictures we have so far and can't wait for the rest!


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The Experience

Thank you for stopping by! My style is adventurous, creative, and all about capturing emotions and connection. 

My approach to capturing your wedding day is to capture you as you are. I will give you just enough direction to capture real moments and emotions without posing every inch of you. I keep things simple, real, and make things as smooth as possible for you both! When you book me for your wedding you’re not just booking a photographer, I help plan the day of timeline, recommend vendors, become a friend for you to vent to, and so much more! 


I work best with laid-back, adventurous couples who value photography and want to get some amazing photos, but also want to have a fun wedding day whether that looks like a sunrise hike in the mountains or a traditional church wedding. 


I am so happy you are here and CAN’T WAIT to hear from you! 

xo Amanda

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